Friday, 9 April 2010

POP006 - I See Horses - Has My Stealth Been In Vain

Norwegian band, I See Horses released their first EP "Knektfolk Session 1: madmen know nothing of stealth" in August 2009. The song "Judas" quickly became a hit and was chosen as song of the week by Norwegian P3. Since then, I See Horses has perfected their live show, toured around the country, written a bunch of great pop songs and recorded a new EP titled "Has My Stealth Been In Vain".

I See Horses dream back to when they were young to find the formula for perfect pop. They are inspired by bands such as Television, XTC, Roxy Music and Orange Juice. Although they claim the music is a product of their individual musical experiences. The result is rock sprinkled with a healthy portion of pop. J├Ârgen Heggstad named the music "Vaguely literary indie rock"

Download: I SEE HORSES - Has My Stealth Been In Vain

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