Sunday, 16 May 2010

POP007 - Uno Moller - How To Lead You Home

Uno Moller releases his debut single "How To Lead You Home" ahead of the the release of his debut album "Songs from my beautiful colourball - set to be released summer 2010.

The single comes with 2 exclusive new b-sides as well as artwork for the release from Alice Tragedy (


1) How To Lead You Home
2) Hola!
3) Sailing with Hats

Download: Uno Moller - How To Lead You Home

Friday, 9 April 2010

POP006 - I See Horses - Has My Stealth Been In Vain

Norwegian band, I See Horses released their first EP "Knektfolk Session 1: madmen know nothing of stealth" in August 2009. The song "Judas" quickly became a hit and was chosen as song of the week by Norwegian P3. Since then, I See Horses has perfected their live show, toured around the country, written a bunch of great pop songs and recorded a new EP titled "Has My Stealth Been In Vain".

I See Horses dream back to when they were young to find the formula for perfect pop. They are inspired by bands such as Television, XTC, Roxy Music and Orange Juice. Although they claim the music is a product of their individual musical experiences. The result is rock sprinkled with a healthy portion of pop. J├Ârgen Heggstad named the music "Vaguely literary indie rock"

Download: I SEE HORSES - Has My Stealth Been In Vain

Thursday, 11 March 2010

POP005 - Shoes and Socks Off - Piepton EP

Having released three albums in the space of 12 months, Shoes And Socks Off (AKA Tobias Hayes erstwhile frontman of the sadly departed Meet Me in St Lois) releases a free, download only EP of 6 covers on March 22nd entitled 'Piepton'.

Released into the Full Stop To Bad Pop campaign in conjunction with the wonderful folk over at Big Scary Monsters the EP features six covers all delivered in Hayes own languid style, putting a neat full stop (ha) to the triumverate of albums that have seen the light of late while whetting the appetite for album #4 delightfully.

In keeping with the ethic of TFSTBPC we fully encourage you to share this with absolutely everyone you might happen to know.


1. Lounge Act (Nirvana)
2. Not Ready Yet (Eels)
3. You Said Something (PJ Harvey)
4. Wolf At The Door (Radiohead)
5. Tame (Pixies)
6. To Forgive (Smashing Pumpkins)

DOWNLOAD: Shoes and Socks Off - Piepton EP

Thursday, 14 January 2010

POP004 - My Little Pony play the hits of... My Little Pony

We first heard about My Little Pony through their producer Sjur Lyseid (The main man of course behind The Little Hands of Asphalt) and ever since have been utterly bewitched with their charming brand of indie pop. Coming on like a beautiful bouncing love child of Belle & Sebastian and The Shins the bands first ever UK release comes in the form of this 5 track ep – which collects four tracks from last years “Think Too Much” album as well as a brand new track. Perefct for melting away those snowy day blues.


1) Capital of Norway
2) Skipping Down The Street
3) A Sing For You (On Your 40th Birthday)
4) The Comic Relief
5) Macgyver Blues

Download : My Little Pony play the hits of... My Little Pony EP

Monday, 31 August 2009

POP003 - The James Magic - Strange Abnormalities EP

Is he Herefords answer to Beck? Is he a neon coloured acid spill on the blueprint of Pop? Well in truth, hes all this and more - a wilfully playful romp through some highlights of St Jimmys impending debut album. Lazy Acre Records hearts The James Magic. Download it now and start swooning yourself


1) Its Good To Be Talking Again
2) Wolfy
3) I Get Lost
4) After Jazz Nightexert

Download : The James Magic : Strange Abnormalities EP

POP002 - Pipedream - Let The Rumours Flow EP

Free five tracker from twelve legged rockers Pipedream. Coming on like Muse playing a set of heavy as you like Americana, the EP features "You'll Never Catch Gold" as released in Europe through Sony BMG. Sony BMG Vs Lazy Acre? No Contest!!


1) You'll Never Catch Gold
2) Let The Rumours Flow
3) Never Mind The Magazines
4) Sunny Day
5) Needles & Fights

DOWNLOAD : Pipedream : Let The Rumours Flow EP

POP001 - The Little Hands of Asphalt - Spit Back At The Rain EP

Free download from The Little Hands of Asphalt - Oslo's finest purveyors of alt folk pop goodness. Featuring the original 5 tracks from the Norweigan release plus a bonus track from the bands new album "Leap Years"

Tracklisting :

1) Oslo
2) Blue & Green
3) Love Songs For Young Novelists
4) Julie
5) Looks Like Styrofoam
6) The Bulls Eye

DOWNLOAD : The Little Hands of Asphalt : Spit Back At The Rain

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